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Upbeat Dance Studio Marketing is the dance competition owner's trusted partner for supporting the growth of their competition. Most competition owners are not fully utilizing the power of internet marketing when it comes to branding, dance entry growth, and reach.


Upbeat's laser-focused on proven online strategies that bring in the most amount of revenue for the least amount of cost to the dance owner. Groupon, Yelp, Trip Advisor; are SEO, PPC, digital marketing companies that offer the results of their marketing to service based owners like you. They have invested in proven digital strategies that allow them to created lead opportunities for other businesses for cents and sell them for dollars. Why not invest in the same strategies in your business and skip the middle man and reap benefits that will increasingly reduce your lead cost. 

Why work with us?

Upbeat Dance Studio Marketing was started by a dancer who has top end marketing experience having represented million dollar service industry businesses. The proven digital strategies translated in the dance industry with such success we had to start a company. We are passionate about spreading dance throughout the world. We understand the sweat and effort every lesson costs a studio and that the need for every marketing dollar to work. 

Best way to use Upbeat?

Upbeat offers many free informational sources that are made to generate dance studios leads and sales. Our #1 dance studio blog releases key articles for dance industry marketing trends and tactics as well as case studies on the leaders in the industry. Our social media platforms each have a unique supporting function, whether is dance industry news, trends, or simply, owner motivation. Subscribe, follow, learn, and grow. For the serious studio owner ready to skyrocket sales and the best way to take advantage of our company is to schedule your non obligatory strategy session. A $1,000+ valued session is focused solely on a marketing strategy based on your studios current area, marketing efforts, competition, and is in no way a sales call although many are so impressed with this session they ask to become clients afterwards.

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