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Upbeat Dance Studio Marketing is the world's best marketing company in the dance industry; click your industry role below to learn how we can help increase your revenue with proven digital marketing strategies.

Dance Studio Owner

Whether your a new, current, or franchise studio owner, Upbeat is the best digital marketing company not because we just say so but because numbers don't lie. The most important number for both of us is return on investment.


Area Director

If your in charge of multiple studios in a area then you learn of the financial advantages and incentives of working with one digital marketing company. Let's get straight to the point: imagine all of your studios doubling their sales by working with us.

Competition Owner

Competitions who can fully utilize digital branding, promotional dancing videos and pictures, and properly expand their name online will increase pro & pro/am entries and reach in the dance community.

Professional Couple

Only a few top pros have a professional website yet a properly built and managed digital presence can help reach your dancing and financial goals. Increase your competition reputation, booked coaching locally and nationally, as well as many other goals you might have.

Dance Industry Businesses

Clothes, shoes, dresses; you name it, Upbeat is excited to work with you because we see tremendous advantage for the first companies to aggressively take out their competition with our services. Transform your revenue from competition booths to the top national online choice and watch your income skyrocket!

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